eurythenes gryllus - Castelnau

    Amphipods are an order of crustaceans with no carapace and generally have laterally compressed bodies. They range in size from 1 to 340 mm and are scavengers that have adapted to an incredibly diverse number of habitats in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. In our lab, molecular work on species in the North Atlantic indicates that the deep-sea environment was colonized approximately 75 million years ago with subsequent radiation and diversification based on feeding modes (Corrigan et al. 2013).

     For population level studies we are focusing on two globally distributed species Eurythenes gryllus and Abyssorchomene abyssorum.


Corrigan, LJ, Horton T, Fotherby H, White TA, Hoelzel AR (2013) Adaptative evolution of deep-sea amphipods from the
Superfamily Lsiassanoidea in the North Atlantic. Evolutionary Biology, 41, 154-165.